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The Wise Man Said - Book Review.

Book: The Wise Man Said.

Author: Priya Kumar.

Genre: Motivational.

The story in a nutshell:

Sammy, an 80 year old billionaire, realises that the secret behind his success in life has been the various sacrifices he made along the way. One of the foremost being his neglect towards his family that rendered him a lonely soul bereft of a single person cheering him for his win in the race called 'life'. This realisation spurs him to leave behind his identity and money and participate in the life he missed out on. Eleven months in a year, he takes on a new identity and sets out to experience anything - even death - to participate in adventures across the world. All he carries with him are his curiosity and his willingness to experience anything that life may present him with.

The Wise Man Said is a collection of twelve stories from Sammy's adventures that he penned down in his diary; experiences from his exciting journey that left him feeling enriched and contented at a life well lived.

The Review: 

This is the second book by Priya Kumar that I read. Actually, having read her previous The Calling - Unleash your true self, I was more than eager to read her new book. I hardly, if ever, pour over motivational books, or self-help books. I do understand that these books help us tap our hidden energy and use it to its optimum, but I fail to implement it. I guess, this book will change the way I look at this genre!

To say that Priya Kumar surprised me with this book, would be an understatement. I was astonished by the beauty that lay between the pages of this wonderful book! I may sound smitten, but that's the kind of effect this particular book had on me. Well articulated, very well researched and so appealing in its nature, it left me asking for more.

It does take some time to settle down in the story, but once you do, you are tempted to keep turning the pages to learn about Sammy's next adventure that will, in turn, leave you feeling enriched.  Every story in this collection has a message that aims at helping us discover ourselves, our strengths, our capabilities. The quotes at the end of every chapter have been presented in the form of facts that Sammy missed seeing even as they took place during that particular adventure. And, it's in these 'missed out realities' that lie the answers we seek for the countless questions that hound us night and day.

Here are some quotes that helped me realise how easy it is to live the kind of life we all desire to, but complicate matters for no apparent reason:

* Add service to your daily purpose and every future goal will become worth the accomplishment, 

* What you exchange something for, defines its value.

*Peace has only one address - in the 'now'. 

*No matter what future awaits me, I have now and that's what counts, now.

*No matter what the circumstance, you can still choose your response.

*Purpose leaves clues. The fact that you are alive is a clue to your purpose. 

*In our choices are tied the destinies of those around us. When you make different choices, it changes their future also to that degree.

And, the one that resonates the most -

Everyone knows how to create the future, they do so every day.

It really is how we live each day that builds the future that awaits us, isn't it?  Um, this quote has been penned by yours truly, having been so inspired by the book and its message!

Apart from the quotes, you are sure to enjoy the stories that are Sammy's adventures that take him to all kinds of places; places he may never have dreamt of visiting, ever. It's these adventures and the people he meets on his journey that teach him about life and the art of living. It's his eagerness to learn at the age of 80 that's sure to leave us feeling inspired to take up living life to its fullest!

The conclusion:

Do read this book if you are looking for some guidance to finding answers that dodge you and drive you insane. The stories will entertain you and the quotes will definitely help you in comprehending matters that baffle you. The above review has not been "influenced" in any way. It's a truthful account of a book that helped  me gain clarity on certain matters that had left me perplexed for quite a while. I agree that opinions may differ from person to person, but, do read the book, and do share with me your views on this latest offering by Ms. Kumar. Looking forward to hearing from you!

*I have shared my review on Goodreads and Amazon, too.


  1. I don't think it's my genre, frankly. :-) But could be wrong. Will try it sometime. Thanks for the review. :-D

  2. Motivational books act as a foundation for those who need it. They provide the guiding light in situations when you need one. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can see how impressed you were with the book. The quotes are wonderful, encouraging us to live in now... Beautifully reviewed.

  3. I do enjoy motivational books sometimes but yeah, also forget to apply them in life. This sounds interesting. Will add it to my TBR list

  4. I don't think I'm convinced enough to pick up the book. Don't get me wrong - your review was great; concise, and executed well. It's just that I'm not too sure I am in a place where I want to read about more motivational stuff. But I will store it for sometime in the future when I do need it.

  5. Like you I hardly ever pick up this genre. But your review is glowing and if I ever pick up this book, it will be for this reason.

    1. Yes, do give it a try, Rachna! Some of the quotes will resonate with you, for sure! :)

  6. I love reading any genre that helps me enrich my life, and your review of Priya Kumar's latest book tells me I should add it to my tbr list.
    I love reading your well-written reviews, Shilpa, as they are balanced view points that are written straight from the heart. Your words have done justice to a book the author has written, with the aim of reaching out to her reader. I loved that you shared the inspiring quotes, and the quote you coined , 'It really is how we live each day that builds the future that awaits us, isn't it? ' as well.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, Mayuri. I love reading your comments on my posts - they make my day! :) As far as reviewing books is concerned, it's something I am still learning, along with every book I review! :)

  7. Sounds like a fab book. Each of your takeaways resonated with me.

    1. Damyanti, I liked the book a lot! And, the quotes resonated with me, too! :)

  8. Are the 12 stories similar to short stories?? Or are they all connected? Could one just pick any one story and begin reading, as a quick motivation read?
    Will read this book and would put up my views too. Thanks Shilpa

    1. They are really short stories, Ramya, but you will have to read the first chapter and then pick any story you wish to read.
      Do give it a try and let me know how you found the book and the writing! :)


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