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A unique Valentine's Day.

           This year, Valentine's Day has been pretty unique for me. Some days ago, I happened to chat with a fellow blogger, Cat Graham. She, too, like me, is a member of B-A-R, a blog created by the very talented Shailaja Vishwanath; it's because of her that I could meet so many lovely people and make friends with them! So, as I was saying, Cat and I, we just happened to 'click', instantly! Mostly, because of our love for sketching. So, on her suggestion, we are hosting each other on our blogs, to celebrate this lovely day and mark the beginning of a new friendship. She has been gracious enough to share a couple of her fabulous sketches. And, I must say, she is simply fantastic! 
       I am also sharing the link to her blog, so that you all can visit her and get to know her. 


         Here's to a great start. Looking forward to sharing many more posts and sketches by this fine artist! 

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Shilpa and I decided we’d celebrate our new friendship by doing guest posts on each other’s blogs.

I love being creative doing writing, photography, scrapbooking, music and art. This January and February, I’ve been taking photos of birds on the feeders outside my living room window. I enjoy seeing them flitting about on the feeders as winter can be a bleak time without much sign of life. I don’t even mind the bratty squirrels who can be quite a nuisance, knocking the feeders askew and scattering seeds everywhere. At least the squirrels are entertaining. I’m still laughing at the sight of a black squirrel the other day leaping into the air and walloping a starling as if to say “Get lost, Buster! This is my territory!”

Shilpa and I both enjoy sketching and we both love our big dogs. She has a big dog Cheeko and I have a big dog, Loup.

Loup is an Alaskan Malamute, a true snow dog who actually enjoys our freezing Canadian winters while all the rest of us are longing for spring. 

I decided to draw a cartoony type picture of my dog, Loup. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I took the picture, scanned it and put it into a Valentine’s template at the online photo editing site of I think it turned out very cute.  

Thanks to Shilpa for letting me do a guest post on her blog. Here’s to our new online friendship that connects us despite the immense geographical distance between Canada and India.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 


  1. What a lovely, adorable way to celebrate valentine's day! I loved this idea. Now, why didn't I think of it too? :D

    I love Cat, as she already knows and I love you, Shilpa, as you know too :) Great idea, gals!

    1. We had a great time doing our guest posts and sharing our love of drawing. I went and revised my post to mention you and Blog A Rhythm, Shailaja and thank you for all you do to make the group so fun and supportive.

  2. This is indeed a unique valentine idea :) Lovely post. A wonderful way to celebrate a friendship, on an even better day! Happy Valentine's Day Shilpa. Hope you had a great day :)

    1. Thank you, Shantala! It indeed was a great day, as I bonded with all of my closest friends, who mean the world to me! And, this post made the day all the more special!:) Hope you had a good day, too!

    2. We were snowed in, so could not go out to celebrate. However the Indian victory in the match yesterday made up for it :D

    3. Shantala, the victory must have made up for all the snowing, right? :-)

  3. What a wonderful idea to celebrate the day: perfect! Wish I had thought of it! ;) Great sketch of your dog Cat! (The juxtaposition of 'dog' and 'cat' is amusing to me...hope it is to you too!) ;) <3

    1. Thank you, Elly! And, Cat has made the sketch so well!

    2. Thanks, Elly. Shilpa and I had fun doing the guest post exchange like you and Vinodini. Our friendships need to be celebrated!


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